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Alloway Farm Market

At Alloway Farm Market, Barking Dog Coffee takes centre stage as we roast our premium beans, giving visitors a firsthand look at the intricate art of coffee roasting. Alloway Farm Market, known for its fresh produce and local products, not only serves delicious brews made from our beans but also stocks them for retail purchase. So, whether you’re after a hot cup of coffee or want to enjoy Barking Dog Coffee at home, They have you covered.
Our Signature Blend

The Brown Dog

Introducing “The Brown Dog” – Barking Dog Coffee’s signature blend that encapsulates our passion for coffee. Crafted meticulously from a mix of Brazil and Colombia beans, this blend boasts a rich sweetness, complemented by earthy undertones and a bright fruity finish. Whether you’re an everyday coffee drinker or a seasoned connoisseur, The Brown Dog is a versatile all-rounder, ensuring a delightful cup every time. Its exquisite profile has been fine-tuned over the years, shaped by invaluable feedback from our loyal customers and industry professionals. Dive into a cup and savour the sweet, creamy aftertaste that makes The Brown Dog a beloved choice.

Never Run Out of Coffee Again

Subscription Service

Dive into uninterrupted coffee delight with Barking Dog Coffee’s subscription service. Sign up for free and enjoy a seamless coffee experience. Plus, when you subscribe, you automatically save with a 10% discount on all orders. With flexible options tailored to every coffee lover’s needs and the freedom to cancel anytime, you’re always in control of your coffee journey.

Wholesale & Cafe Supply

Exceptional Quality: We are passionate about selecting quality coffee beans and mastering the roasting process. The result? A rich, flavourful coffee that elevates your business above the rest.

Open Communication: At Barking Dog Coffee, we prioritise clear, direct communication. Whether it is order specifics, advice, or urgent queries, I am just a call away, ensuring we build a lasting partnership.

Complimentary Delivery Plus Free Shipping: Cafes and businesses in the Bundaberg region can enjoy free delivery. And for those outside the Bundaberg region, we offer free shipping/postage, ensuring your coffee reaches you fresh and on time at no additional cost.

Tailored for You: We understand every business has its unique flair. That is why we provide custom solutions, from payment flexibility to custom delivery options, to align perfectly with your business needs.

Community Commitment: As a proud local Bundaberg business, we deeply value our community ties. By choosing Barking Dog Coffee, you are not just getting exceptional coffee, but you are supporting local and the unparalleled freshness of beans roasted right here at home.

Effortless Service: Experience seamless customer service with us. We handle your orders swiftly, ensuring no hiccups along the way. Our goal is to simplify your coffee needs.

Quick Restocks: Never run out of coffee again. If your stock is dwindling, trust us to replenish it promptly, ensuring you’re always ready to serve.

Our Story

Discover the journey of Barking Dog Coffee, born from a humble passion for roasting quality beans in 1998. From small batches in a makeshift roaster to our current industrial roaster at Alloway Farm Market, our story is a testament to the dedication, growth, and love of coffee. Dive deeper into our story and see how passion, collaboration, and community have brewed together to create the Barking Dog Coffee you know today. Continue Reading

What Our Customers Say

From the very first sip, I was captivated. The Brown Dog has become an essential part of my daily ritual.
Maya L.
The convenience of their delivery service combined with the exceptional quality of their coffee is fantastic. I always look forward to my next delivery from Barking Dog Coffee!
Liam R.
Barking Dog Coffee has transformed my mornings. The richness and depth of flavour in every cup is unbeatable!
Sophie T.
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